Jazz Fest

Food & Folks

Moira’s family goes to JazzFest every year; occasionally we join them. It’s a unique festival to me…partially because it ends relatively early in the evening, giving time to get back into the city to have dinner and go out to bars and clubs for drinks and even more music. But primarily because – while many music festivals seem like they could be plopped down anywhere where there’s enough open space – JazzFest is deeply and palpably steeped in New Orleans culture. This festival couldn’t be held anywhere but NOLA.

Even the food vendors at Jazzfest are careful curated to represent a wide variety of indigenous dishes and cuisines; these photos are from three days at the 2009 festival, as we ate our way across the grounds:

Apart from the big ticket performers and stages, JazzFest also features brass band parades, Mardi Gras Indian tribes, second-lining (bring your own umbrella), and a melange of other slices of local culture.